As you can see the price difference is massive. The first time Marvel tried something like this in a 'what-if' type scenario. That doesn't stop collectors from going after this comic as many believe it to be the first true story of the Sandman (Wesley Dodds). English Comics Top 50. It features a pretty iconic cover to boot. Super-powered characters were known as Ultras. Superman 1 (from 1939) currently holds the number 1 spot for the highest-selling comic book of all time with a recent private sale (confirmed by CGC). Please note that the regular cover isn't worth as much. The book is one of those Golden Age mega keys that has everyone talking whenever it goes up for sale. Amazing Spider-Man 1 is a bit odd to us as it has the second appearance of Spider-Man and the first ongoing title for the character (to us, that doesn't make it a major key). This Go-Go Chrome variant cover from J Scott Campbell was limited and anything that was limited and featured art by Campbell usually goes up in value. This issue can be a little more difficult to find at times. First Appearance of Iron Man (Tony Stark). This extremely low-print comic has been sought out by collectors due to its difficulty to find in higher grades. This is important because many of the comics that are on this list are here because of grades (especially the Silver and Bronze Age books). The Billy Wright Pedigree copy (listed below) sold in 2012, so there's a good chance that the comic is worth even more today. While the market was hurt, quite badly, comics survived and eventually recovered. Here we will narrow the mountain of comic books that have been published and try to figure out the king of comics in regards to value. Malibu Comics has a long history prior to its absorption by Marvel Comics, and with it, an extended library of titles and characters. This comic is a must-have for any Baker fans who can afford it. Valuation process. Note that there are 2 CGC 9.0 copies on the census that have not been sold in a few years, so the price would most likely be much higher than the current record of 3.4 million dollars. The reason it made the list is that it has sold for very strong prices when in high grades, even though it is relatively common. What's the most valuable comic book in the world? This usually isn't a big issue as long as the book wasn't stored in a very hot place. However, the CGC census can be a rarity gauge for Golden Age comics as most books have already been found and graded, especially if they are significant. More Fun Comics 73 features the first appearances of not only one iconic character but three. A CGC 9.2 copy was sold in 2013 for only 43k, and there exists a single 9.6 on the census that hasn't come to market. Captain America 2. This issue features the first appearance of the new Black Widow in a cameo before her appearance in the Black Widow title we mentioned earlier. The 90s character wouldn't be well-received due to the Clone Saga's reputation, but today he is very popular among 90s Spider-Man fans. One of the more popular 1990s comic books features the 1st appearance of everyone's favorite trenchcoat-wearing, card-slinging mutant. This comic book features the first appearance of the now household name character; Iron Man. There is one 9.9 copy that is most likely worth 7 figures. How do you go about selling it without getting scammed? Comics published in the 1930s thru the 1960s were not meant to be collected. Many Star Wars comics have been going up in value, and this comic is no different as it features the first appearance of Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade. Flash Comics 86 features the first appearance of the original Black Canary character from the Golden Age. Captain America Comics 3 features the first comic book work from the great Stan Lee. Their debut in 1961 helped to usher in a new age of superheroes but combine it with shows like Lost In Space, where it's not just one person on an adventure, but an entire family. They were also published to be read by kids and young adults. Marvel Comics 1 is the first-ever Marvel comic book (originally named Timely Comics) that was published in 1939. X-Men #1 still stands as the highest print-ordered comic in history with more than eight million copies in all versions. Add that to a massive print run and you have a standard 1990s comic that is worth little to nothing. This reprints the first issue of the 1991 Jim Lee X-Men series. On average CGC 4.5 condition books will sell for between $3-4k. We can offer any opinions to anyone who might need help with their comic book collection. Alita is a popular character in Japan, and recently gained more of a cult following in the west with the release of a CG movie. Next, you need to check the grade, which is very important. Note that there are no recent sales for anything in a higher grade for this book. This comic was in most dollar bins for a long time until recently when it was announced that Lopez would become the new Phoenix. 282 ($160) The first War Machine armor has picked up some steam since its inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Jim Rhodes' adventures has always been popular with fans. Released towards to end of the Marvel run of GI Joe, this also features a lower print run and has an homage to Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man 1 as well as interior McFarlane art. Someone will call us with a collection of 1990s comics and tell us about how the comics are in their original bags and in great condition. An underrated comic for a long while, this features the first appearances of many popular characters that would shine in the Black Panther and Marvel movies. Published Nov 12, 2019. Although some of the Silver Age comics on this list aren't as rare as many Golden Age comics listed, we feel like this list is fair. There's a good chance that the Windy City copy of Marvel Comics 1 could top Captain America Comics 1 (CGC 9.2 @ 3.1 million dollars) and break into the top 4 highest-selling comics of all time if it went up for sale today. However, those have not come up for sale in almost 15 years. Fast forward exactly thirty years, and I decided to give the entire original series a go. There are currently 5 CGC 9.8 copies on the census (highest graded). Whiz Comics 1 is labeled as issue 2 but is the first issue. The book was printed in 1992 and is considered to be the end of the copper age of comics. When it does go up for sale, it can command some big money. Most comic books can't check off even one of these, making them worthless on the aftermarket. 1. Note that his work in this is text-only. While he's a very well-known character in the DC Universe, note that he only appeared once in the Golden Age in this Fawcett comic. NOTE THAT THIS ARTICLE IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. It also features a great Bill Sienkiewicz Cover. This is the same as our previous entry but features a rare error that has Spawn in green on the back cover. We have another example of the theme of popular video game characters making their appearance on this list, and this comic features the first appearances of Zelda and Link in comic books. This makes the comic extremely important/significant. This book is among the Golden Age mega keys. Issues 2-5 of the series also have some value. The recent sale for this book (price listed below) was the "pay copy", which had the pay for the artists and staff written on it. This indy darling character has always been popular with comic fans, and the 1st print can be very tough to find. Hulk 4. but are they REALLY worth the eye-watering . An easier way to verify its authenticity is to have an expert check and verify if the sketch inside the comic is legit (the sketches can be hard to fake). Similar to our previous entry, this comic book features the first appearance of Terry McGuinness as Batman Beyond in comic books. Please note that the other printings of this issue have little to no value. Many collectors and non-collectors are curious to see what books they need to watch out for when looking through their grandmother's barn (it's pretty unlikely that you'll find these books in there though). It also provides early insight into werewolves in the games, which we would see in Resident Evil Village. Note that this article is for entertainment purposes only and should not be your sole means of researching comic book values. Comics Best Selling Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus #8 (DC Comics, November 2020) $179.95 New Marvel Venom 2nd Printing Variant ComicBook by Iban Coello (144) $2.79 New Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus #4 (DC Comics, July 2017) $42.00 New EC Archives: The Vault of Horror #1 (Gemstone, October 2007) (4) $74.99 New $26.02 Used Image courtesy Pulp Culture Comics and Collectibles. 1. This comic has recently started to get some love within the collecting community. If money is tight and you need to maximize your profit, be sure to read our articles on grading your comics. Marvel . Adventure Comics 40 was published after New York World's Fair Comics 1939 (making that issue the technical first appearance of the Sandman character). This comic book has the first appearance of Cable by Rob Liefeld and Todd Mcfarlane. There are also a few other variants for 145 that have some value (see our next entry for one). If you need any kind of opinion (for entertainment purposes only) when selling your comic collection, be sure to give us a call or email (WE DO NOT OFFER INVESTMENT ADVICE). 4. 1. This issue has the first appearance of Maya Lopez from David Mack and Joe Quesada. In today's market, that book would likely be exponentially higher. The character may not be as popular as any Marvel or DC characters, but he has his fans. Have yours appraised. There are currently 6 CGC 9.6 copies on the census (highest graded). The beginning of the classic Infinity Gauntlet/War storyline by Jim Starlin. Also, note that OUR PRICE GUIDES SHOULD NOT BE USED AS INVESTMENT ADVICE. An example of this would be the first issue of Spawn from Image Comics and Todd McFarlane. DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE WHEN MAKING ANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS. Here are the Thirty Most Valuable Marvel Comics Of All Time. This is the mail-away variant cover. This also has the first appearance of the indy character Monkeyman O'Brien. This features the first time we see the Wings of Redemption Spawn in comics. Malibu Sun (1991) #13 Published May 1992 by Malibu . Cyclops 9. This is the variant featuring the first appearance of She-Dragon by Erik Larsen. Here are the 18 Rarest And Hardest To Find Comic Books. A good example of this would be New Mutants 98. If the highest-graded copy of Detective Comics 27 went up for sale today, it would easily beat Batman 1. This comic features the first appearance of Mr. Mobius of the Time Variance Authority. Featuring the return of Batgirl after a long absence from the DC Universe, this version has Cassandra Cain take the mantle. Written by Garth Ennis, Preacher was made into a TV show by AMC, and this comic book features the first appearances of several characters. DC thought that character was too similar and sued Fawcett. It also doesn't hurt that this book features the first appearance of one of the most popular Marvel villains, Magneto. The unbagged version of this looks slightly more grey than usual. It also is not all-inclusive and only includes the most valuable comics from the 90s (we tried not to include anything worth less than $15). While most versions of this comic don't have any value, the platinum foil variant of this book has some value since it features the first (non-preview) appearance of the Maxx. Following the previous entry, we have another limited J Scott Campbell variant cover. This issue has Captain America get the iconic round shield that we all know. This issue features the start of the classic Weapon X storyline by Barry Windsor Smith. The two largest distributors, Diamond Comic Distributors and Capital City Distribution, split on what they said the top-selling comic book for the year was: Diamond had Action #687, while Capital had Adventures of Superman #500 in the top spot. Available Stock Want List eBay (27) CGC Census Cover by Todd McFarlane. If you feel like you have something on the list, then be sure to do your research (we have some extra opinions/advice that we offer if you keep reading beyond the list itself). This marks the beginning of the second volume of Daredevil with a great run by Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada. Multiple copies of the comic have been sold for less money since 2019, casting a doubt on the validity of the $90k sale. This reprints Giant-Size X-Men 1 which has the first appearance of the new X-Men team. There is also 1 CGC 10 copy on the census. This features Black Knight (Dane Whitman) in his first-ever solo title. The answer comes back to what we've been stressing; large print runs.

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