Sun was glinting off the creek, a gossipy circle of wild turkeys faced us on the other side, and Somers was in a pensive mood. Hes got his teeth around the leg of this thing and he just wont let it go, Robert Whitcomb, Getlers former editor at the Herald Tribune, told me. The group then attacked a train of wounded and deactivated Union soldiers, killing at least 100 men. (It should be noted that birth dates can vary dramatically on census records, as there were no official records to give to the census takers). At least these are the reasons that the Ford brothers cited after the death of Jesse James. This was around the same time and place where author Mark Twain would later set his picturesque novels about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, though there wasnt a lot of whitewashing and river rafting going on in the James family. The next day, the bank was robbed. Placerville, El Dorado County, California, Marriage of Robert James and Zerilda E Cole,,,, 1850 US Census: Name: Robert James; Sex: Male; Age: 31; Event Place (Original): Platte, Clay, Missouri, United States; Birth Year (Estimated): 1819; Birthplace: Kentucky; Race: White, "Kentucky, County Marriages, 1797-1954," database with images, FamilySearch (, "United States Census, 1850," database with images, FamilySearch (. My daughter was familiar with scavenger hunts, of course, and together we marveled at the possibility that more than a century ago people laid clues for anyone to find. James family history is first recorded in 1187 in Gloucestershire, with a man named Walter James. Well, Jesse had a son and a daughter, and all of his grandchildren were born in the 1900s. Getler had received similar queries and was wary. He died in 1850 when his son, the infamous Jesse James, was three years old. I was pulling for Somers, Getler and Richards to be right about all this, despite what the historians said. Existing RootsMagic and Family Origins users may upgrade for only $29.95. In response to a lawsuit filed by the treasure hunters, the agency has been ordered to start releasing documents related to the dig later this month. That morning, the James-Younger Gang rode into town and converged on the bank. Finally, we recommend that you turn to the Younger DNA Project, which began in December 2007. A straight skeptic might never find gold, and an overly credulous person might be faked out all the time and keep going, wanting to believe. Its website,, contains more than 300 million searchable records for research in New England, New York and beyond. Mary Butler b. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each . He is the founder of West Coast Choppers and former partner of Austin Speed Shop and current CEO of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, both based in Austin, Texas.He was the focus of a show chronicling some of the custom motorcycle builds in his TV series Jesse James: Monster . CONTENT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY WIKITREE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. We also found Paul and Fannie Younger living in Benton, Yazoo County, Miss., when the 1920 U.S. Federal Census was enumerated. Last appeared in 2003. . Wikimedia Commons; colorized by Matt LoughreyA colorized portrait of a young Jesse James. As the Civil War raged out West, wild bands of raiders and outlaws struck deep into each other's territory to slaughter civilians without mercy. 28 Nov 1755 Prince George Co, VA d. Abt 1845 Pea Ridge, Shelby, KY: Robison and Blythe Genealogy Jesse Woodson James was born in Missouri on September 5, 1847. FamilySearch Family Tree enables all descendants to share information that others might not know and add sources to confirm correct information. As the track hoe operator prepared to fell a dead tree and position the machine for the final assault on the treasure, Somers reached into the dirt at the base of the tree and found a T-shaped piece of metal. They also found symbols similar to those cited by Howk as having been left by James. I had brought a tape measure with me. After Belle died, her daughter Flossy moved to Wichita and opened the finest brothel in town. Late last year, he sent Getler a Facebook message about his preliminary findings. Jesse James had been shot in the chest during the War and was nursed back to health by his first cousin who he later married. Bradley tethered himself to a tree to run the machine on the unforgiving incline. Providence Baptist Church, Clay Co MO. Public DomainA portrait of a young Jesse James. Jesse and Frank James rode down the fleeing survivors and shot every man who tried to surrender including the Army major in command. Merge needs cleanup. In 2018, a father-and-son treasure-hunting team said they had detected a large cache of gold in a forest at Dents Run in northwestern Pennsylvania: as much as $50 million in suspected gold stolen from a mule-led Union Army pack train in 1863. But theres enough there to make the case.. Aker cast doubt on this method because it doesnt account for local growing conditions; the trees could easily be older or younger. #1. One day I suddenly saw a long boat carved across the trunk of the signature tree. There was a diagram that Getler interpreted as a shaft with tunnels, and beside it was a portrait of a man with a broad brim hat and what could be a vault or a chest near where his heart should be. Getler, 61, a former reporter with the International Herald Tribune, the Wall Street Journal and other publications, was a senior writer for Discovery Communications in the late 1990s when he started researching the history. A James family was also granted land in Surrey by William the Conqueror. I had first encountered Getlers work on the Confederate underground in 2009, when I interviewed him about the oddly related mysteries of Masonic symbology around Washington that best-selling novelist Dan Brown centered in his D.C. thriller that year. Jesse James natural father, Robert, was a slave-owning Baptist preacher from Kentucky who was always looking for the next big score that would make him rich. From James Boone Genealogy: "SARAH BOONE (Daughter of George & Mary Boone) was born on the Fifth Day of the Week, about H. past 11 in the Forenoon, on the 18th of February 1691-2." Sarah married Jacob Stover 15 March 1715 in Pennsylvania, Hazel Spraker, The Boone Family p. 23. Change the spelling to SALLEE. Youll get hints when we find information about your relatives . But the hunters grew suspicious when the agents wouldnt let them watch the excavation, and after residents later told reporters they had heard digging at night and seen convoys of FBI vehicles leaving the site. One told me, on the condition that I not publish his name because of his job, that stories of gold on the property go back decades. One day he announced to Bowser, Im going to dig Jesse Jamess gold bars out of the side of your hill.. My True Ancestry gives me Celtic Virginia 1680's. Could this be the wolf trap spoken of in the letter between Zanesville treasure hunters in 1949 or was it meaningless scrap? We returned to that beech each day, waiting for the bark to dry and for the signature to reappear. This database contains family trees submitted to Ancestry by users who have indicated that their tree can be viewed by all Ancestry subscribers.These trees can change over time as users edit, remove, or otherwise modify the data in their trees. But the co-owner soon contacted her as well and let her know he disapproved of digging for alleged gold with a track hoe and cutting a road to get to the site. contient des milliers de photos et GeneaStars. Getler led me down to look at the carvings on the beech trees. As its website says, there are now six distinct DNA signatures among the Younger families that have been tested: 2. By searching American history websites, we found that the Younger family was from Jackson County, Mo.,and the outlaws were four of the 14 children born to Henry Washington Younger and Bersheba Leighton Fristoe. Robert Sallee James was the brother of Mary James, who married John Wilson Mimms. Today, the place where outlaw Jesse James died is marked by a stone plinth while the house itself has been moved to St. Josephs and painstakingly preserved for thousands of visitors a year. Treasure hunting maintains its grip on American culture, with at least two dozen reality shows over the past decade devoted to finding everything from the Holy Grail to the riches of the Knights Templar, according to the database Lawrence Henry Barr & Thelma Duncan 4. L.V.s father, Paul Younger, was born on Oct. 25, 1880, and died on Jan. 11, 1938. Jesse James stepfather Reuben, for example, was seized by Union troops in 1863 and tortured for information about his team of guerilla Confederate fighters called bushwhackers.. How many untold stories are out there? he says. aged 34years old. Her mother, Fannie Gerald, was born on Nov. 27, 1888, and died on March 9, 1976. This person was created on 11 March 2011 through the import of VOELKER.ged. This is no longer a treasure hunt. The tale featured the outlaw Jesse James, a powerful secret network of collaborators, and vast quantities of gold they allegedly buried in depositories from here to Utah and New Mexico to fund a Confederate uprising after the Civil War. that was going to significantly impact a lot of people. If exposing gold cached by a secret network is that decisive project, Secher says that he, for one, still needs to see proof its real. Younger was listed as 5 years old in 1910. Surprisingly, the clerk had the nerve to lie and tell them that the safe was on a time lock, even though one of the robbers was holding a Bowie knife to his throat. Jesse James was a preacher's son. . According to their later account, James had made a few inappropriate comments and overtures toward their sister, Martha, not to mention the fact that there was a hefty $5,000 bounty on James head dead or alive. The group attracted 50,000 members. I sat with him on the ground and contemplated the carvings, wondering if the discoveries to come would confirm the story he thought the trees told. The Geralds were said to be Mulatto, but I am unsure of where their white ancestry would have come from. Robert James married Zerilda E Cole on 28 Dec 1841 in Scott, Kentucky, United States [1] Sometime after their marriage, the marriage record was amended with the words father and mother of Jesse James and Frank James. After the war, the KGC seemed to melt away, possibly splintering into pro-South successor groups or joining the Ku Klux Klan. 2. Howk presented no evidence beyond his colorful yarns, but he had joined the treasure hunt in Zanesville in 1949. . Knights of the Golden Circle: Secret Empire, Southern Secession, Civil War, Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure. The Act permitted territories to each vote on whether they would be admitted into the Union as a free or a slave state. The account, however, stretches credulity. With that, much of the wealth in the James family vanished and the boys turned to crime. Im not saying everybody can go out and find a treasure like this, but Im saying that with the right mind-set and determination, the things they think are out of reach might be closer than they thought.. I want people that really have nothing to see what they can do. He died in 1850 when his son, the infamous Jesse James, was three years old. An appraiser cast doubt on it being a photo of the brothers, so Somers started researching to try to authenticate the portrait himself, in order to sell it. Henry Washington Youngers parents were Charles Lee Cole Younger and Sarah Sullivan Purcell. At the beginning of the National Treasure sequel, Nicolas Cages character lectures in Washington about a shadowy fraternity called the Knights of the Golden Circle and a dark secret contained in the missing pages of John Wilkes Booths diary. Somebody is going to study, if they havent already, [the connection] between this kind of conspiracy theory approach to history in recent decades and peoples willingness to believe that the election was stolen, for example this belief in the sensational and conspiracies and hidden hands., Getler says he admires the work of Stiles and Keehn but thinks historians search for truth doesnt cover all the ground. Public DomainJesse James (right) poses with brother Frank James (seated) and Charles Fletcher Taylor (left); Frank is wearing a Civil War studio costume.. This database contains family trees submitted to Ancestry by users who have indicated that their tree can only be viewed by Ancestry members to whom they have granted permission to see their tree.These trees can change over time as users edit, remove, or otherwise modify the data in their trees. Joan Beamis found the Jesse James family tree among the artifacts of Mary Louisa James-Burns, Joan's grandmother. Whether we found gold or not, we were plunging deep into American mythologies of one sort or another: outlaw legends, fables of rebellion, beguiling notions of hidden historical hands operating behind the scenes. In 1989 the Jackson County Genealogical Society produced The History of Jackson County, Missouri, which is an excellent source to search for more information. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Jesse James Watlington (1912 - 1984) . Each of the trio of treasure hunters in Ohio was after something more elusive than gold. The Dowling Family Tree with over half a million relatives, On one, hearts and arrows were tilted to point in the direction of the shaft. If you would like to view one of these trees in its entirety, you can contact the owner of the tree to request permission to see the tree. [13] [14] [13] Jesse's surviving children with Zerelda were Jesse Edward James and Mary Susan James. These records have been microfilmed by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and are available free online at FamilySearch. Hes always been a very, very persistent writer and journalist., One of Getlers closest friends, Andy Secher, a trilobite fossil specialist affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History in New York, says Getler always had the idea that he had a great purpose. The Knights of the Golden Circle really did exist. You can contact the owner of the tree to get more information. It was primarily a Southern group but had plenty of Northern sympathizers, including hundreds in a county about an hour north of Zanesville, according to a news report at the time. In the National Archives, Getler found KGC records with examples of the groups coded symbols. nisha katona a taste of italy recipes, sarah lopez jeremy spencer, when are we excused for having an erroneous conscience,

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